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Artpanel Gypsum Plaster 3D Wall Panels

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Artpanel Gypsum Plaster 3D Wall Panels

Our Artpanel Gypsum plaster 3d wall panel products are...

Our Artpanel Gypsum plaster 3d wall panel products are made only from 100% natural and eco-friendly components - our original durable plaster blend. They were designed in a way that allows one to suit them specifically to the chosen space. 

Imagine a project created to fulfill the need for completely unique interiors. We specialise in innovational panels which in simple and effortless way, can transform any given space into an individual piece of art. From the very beginning we have aimed to satisfy the most demanding of tastes, and the great number of our loyal customers proves that we have succeeded.

Our original aesthetics and reliable craftsmanship that allows us to create truly unique interiors for homes, companies and business units, is what makes us stand apart from any competition. We collaborate with interior designers, architects, as well as corporate and individual clients. Our goal is to make products that will allow to create interiors which inspire and ignite a spark of creativity in the air.

The panels are designed to allow you to adjust them into your preferred arrangements and carefully plan the final result. You can attach consecutive panels endlessly since every following panel will match the previous one perfectly. Our convex patterns will give your space an intriguing and unique appearance. Additionaly, Artpanel’s colour lighting, individually created brush strokes or bespoke adjustment to the space of your choice, will transform your interior into a truly unforgettable experience.